Place of exchange and propositions, ACSEL groups together companies and organisms which have for ambition to reflect collectively about the impact of the emergent technologies in the development of the economy and the evolutions of the uses and the behaviors.


  • the only place which federates the whole community of the digital economy actors,
  • a reflection on the key subjects of the digital economy: the e-marketing, the e-business, the digital identity, the networks and the services, the financial services,
  • basic works: ” one thousand billion e-mails “, “Broadbands”, ” on-line Services: economic models and systems of payment “,” The e-marketing, the strategy of the performance”, “Europe, an opportunity for the business” and “” for the young entrepreneurs,
  • conferences, trips, networking,
  • a strength of proposition: the Association makes its contribution to the French and European public consultations on the regulation framework of the digital economy,
  • a recognized interlocutor of the French and European authorities.


Founded in 1948, AmCham Belgium (The American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium) is a voluntary, independent association of business people and companies. As a membership-funded organization, it does not receive any governmental subsidies. In this unique position, AmCham Belgium is able to objectively represent the interests of its member companies and of the US business community. 

Besides the many business networking and related business events AmCham Belgium hosts, it is also the undisputed leader in providing business advocacy for companies and individuals doing business in Belgium. Through its business lobbying efforts with the European Union and its numerous business conferences, Position Papers, business publication and studies – the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is at the forefront of facilitating business relations in Belgium. 

Approximately 1,800 affiliates of over 900 U.S. companies in Belgium provide over 130,000 jobs directly and an additional 200,000 indirectly. With this significant amount of US companies doing business in Belgium, AmCham Belgium represents an influential segment of the Belgian economy and plays an essential role within this dynamic, evolving business environment.


BeCommerce groups together companies which sell products or services to the consumers in Belgium via Internet, by catalog, by correspondence etc. These companies are members of the asbl BeCommerce and respect the Code of conduct of the Belgian Association of the Direct Marketing (ABDM). They also conform to the decisions of the Supervisory committee of the ABMD, which intervenes as mediator in case of disputes setting consumers and companies. 


BeCommerce stimulates the trust of the consumers in the purchases via Internet, by catalog or by correspondence, in the interest of the consumers and the salesmen.


With more than 2000 members, the CCILV became the most important CCI of Wallonia and is representative of the aspirations of the business managers of the province of Liège. 

Born of the common will of the CCI of Liège and the CCI of Verviers to unite their capacities in the service of the companies of the province, the CCI Liège-Verviers takes care of the communication towards the province, the region, the federal and the foreign countries. The role of the CCI is to lead this economic community and to watch that its actors know, appreciate and work together, to create a virtuous dynamic, a source of new progress and developments. 

The information, the training and the networking of companies are our priority objectives. They are operated through five specialized departments. 

  • publications,
  • international relations,
  • training / exchanges of experiences,
  • events,
  • environment and energy.

Logistics in Wallonia

Within a context of globalization and of intense economic competition, the sector of transport and logistics services is an essential element of a modern, effective and profitable economy. 

Logistics in Wallonia is the Transport and Logistics Centre of Competence, created to promote the transport and logistics sector of Wallonia both within the country and abroad, by coordinating activities, by defining a common strategy and by optimising human and technological resources. 

Promoting Wallonia as a location of choice for the Transport and Logistics sector: 

Thanks to the quality of Wallonia’s infrastructure, to its know-how and capacity for taking up new economic challenges, Logistics in Wallonia helps in the overall effort to attract global players into the Walloon territory. It is through projects which are supported and promoted by the Centre that the image of a dynamic and innovative Wallonia is promoted. 

Optimising resources: 

Logistics in Wallonia guarantees, particularly by organising specialised high quality training, the availability of the specialised workforce necessary to the economic development of companies within the sector. 

Developing Walloon companies within the sector: 

The attractiveness of Wallonia at an international level is also influenced by the development of players in the transport and logistics sector. This is why Logistics in Wallonia encourages innovative project set-ups in line with market needs. Its role consists of coordinating common action between various service providers, setting up effective partnerships, with all of this based upon a joint, well-defined strategy.