Financial Services

PFSweb provides a complete suite of financial services to meet the needs of both B2B and B2C clients. Our experienced financial services department acts as a virtual arm of our clients in their billing & collections efforts. Operating in a timely and professional manner, we implement our billing and collection services according to your specific procedures and guidelines. And, as always, our services remain transparent to the end customer. 

Our integrated financial offer will enable you to benefit from a One-Stop Accountability and to reduce your salary costs, accounts receivable delinquency, days sales outstanding, interest costs, capital costs, and your risk.


Specifically for our B2C clients, we offer secure online payment method for orders made via a client website or through our customer contact centre. Using leading-edge fraud protection services and risk management systems combined with best business practice recommendations, we partner with you to assure an optimal level of security for your transactions. Additionally, we are able to manage VAT.


For our B2B clients, we offer full-service accounts receivable management and collection capabilities, including the ability to produce customized computer-generated invoices in our clients’ name. We assist clients in reducing accounts receivables and days sales outstanding, while minimizing costs associated with maintaining an in-house collections staff.

Online Retail

Specifically for our online retail clients, we offer a complete array of e-commerce financial services to assist you in maximizing the financial performance of your e-commerce initiative while enhancing the customer experience with a complete selection of payment methods. Through our strategic relationship with Ogone, we are able to authorize and settle a wide variety of payment methods. No modern e-commerce solution is complete without comprehensive fraud management capabilities and our Ogone-based fraud screening services and our internal tools will help ensure you remain in financial control of your initiative. 

PFSweb allows you to accept payments both inside and outside your borders using local and international methods of payment used by your customers (individuals or companies). This will facilitate your international expansion by activating the best payment methods per country leading to a maximization of your conversion rates.