International Logistics Distribution

PFSweb Europe operates over 14.000 m² of distribution infrastructure and last year alone shipped nearly 350.000.000 € in client merchandise. (PFSweb Worldwide represents more than 250,000m² and 3,000,000,000 $). 

We offer scalability to ensure that your customers receive positive experiences, regardless of peaks and dips in your business. Advanced systems and automation, coupled with some of the industry’s most experienced distribution professionals, enable us to mould and adjust our solutions as needed while ensuring optimal performance. 

Brand and customer focus are threaded throughout all of our solutions. Brand-forward packaging, flexible delivery options, premium gift wrapping services and customer-convenient returns management are included in our range of expertise. We can respond to any kind of unique program needs, from time-definite spare parts logistics to kitting & assembly. 

We also serve many environmentally responsible clients, and have taken steps to ensure our packaging materials and waste management processes are eco-friendly and properly aligned with the core values of the brands we support.