Multilingual Customer Contact Center

Whether you need a traditional call centre, message management or complete customer relationship management solution, PFSweb has the technology and personnel to make it happen.

Using our highly specialized call and email routing systems, we distribute calls and emails to customer service representatives based on clients, language and call or email type. 

We offer dedicated, shared or hybrid service models allowing you to access the exact services you need. 

PFSweb representatives around the world (United States, Canada, Europe and The Philippines) are experts in the management of customer relationships and present a transparent interface to your consumers. They expertly respond to your customers’ orders, shipping and billing inquiries, return requests, and product information queries according to your company’s guidelines. They become your brand, mirroring its culture and identity with each customer interaction. Our representatives offer you the highest productivity and efficiency, this translates into maximized revenues. 

By taking advantage of access to real-time order information, status and availability, customer history, and other key data, our customer care representatives can enhance your customers’ experience and satisfaction, increase your sales and maximize your profit with each contact. 

Your customer data is essential and we craft our solutions to ensure you don’t lose visibility or control when you entrust us with the headset.