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The BoutiqueBuilder E-commerce Platform powers the PFSweb fully integrated E-commerce offering in Europe. By integrating BoutiqueBuilder’s industry-leading merchandising functionality and brand control with PFSweb’s broad services portfolio, the PFSweb international E-commerce solution offers unprecedented capability through a single vendor. The BoutiqueBuilder E-commerce Platform is optimized for the needs of B2B, B2C or mixed B2B & B2C international online shops. 

With its more than 1,300 functions, the BoutiqueBuilder Suite offers a fully customizable and scalable environment for your international e-shop. 

The multilingual BoutiqueBuilder Suite manages:

  • Your catalog of items in a very pushed way (multi-images, resizing, formatted files, options, Cross Selling, Up Selling),
  • Procurement planning & forecasting, vendors and order management,
  • Inventory management and preparation of order,
  • Invoicing, VAT calculation and refunds,
  • Returns
  • Online Payments by country
  • Other if required

BoutiqueBuilder is a unique international E-commerce solution that enables the rapid rollout of new sites, especially for European e-shop requiring: multilingual, multi-currencies, multi-cultural environments and fiscal management (VAT and specific regulations). 

BoutiqueBuilder can be integrated with other solutions. The solution is fully integrated with the PFSweb back office.


Coremetrics is the leading provider of online marketing and business optimization solutions. They help businesses increase revenues and find and retain their most profitable customers by maximizing every online interaction. 

Coremetrics’ solutions help companies measure and improve the effectiveness of online marketing programs, directly improving their bottom line. With Coremetrics businesses get the insight and tools they need to target their customers with compelling content or products and significantly improve and measure their results. 

Guided by the principle that marketing should be managed like any other critical business function, Coremetrics delivers powerful, data-driven solutions based on a 360-degree view of how people engage with an online site, then they translate this knowledge into tangible results. 

Coremetrics provides all the power of other solutions, but without their added complexity. That’s why every day, more than 1,500 online business sites globally, transacting more than $20 billion this year, use Coremetrics’ Software as a Service (SaaS) to optimize their online marketing. Our customers include many of the world’s most respected and recognizable brands.


The Demandware E-commerce Platform powers the PFSweb End-2-end (e2E) E-commerce offering. By integrating Demandware’s industry-leading merchandising functionality and brand control with PFSweb’s broad services portfolio, the PFSweb End-2-end (e2E) E-commerce solution offers unprecedented capability through a single vendor. The Demandware E-commerce Platform is optimized for the needs of high-growth brands that want to accelerate their online revenue, and provides online retailers with the merchandising control, flexibility, functionality and interoperability of a full E-commerce application suite, without the expensive infrastructure. Leading brands such as Bare Escentuals, House of Fraser, Playmobil, Sally Beauty Supply and Timberland leverage Demandware’s best-in-class E-commerce functionality and automatic upgrades to help achieve higher conversion rates, increase average order size, and improve customer retention. Demandware is one of the best on-demand E-commerce solutions that enables the rapid rollout of new sites, provides ubiquitous access to business and technical users, and is backed by a patented grid computing architecture that delivers capacity as needed for performance and reliability that exceeds industry standards.

Internet Vista

InternetVista provides its clients with a service that allows them to make their IT investments profitable and reliable. internetVista® independently monitors all of the online services of an organization, and alerts this organization in case of anomalies. internetVista® also provides detailed reports on the levels of availability and response times for the services monitored. These reports are precious decision-making tools. internetVista® adds a global dimension to the availability statistics offered, because the monitoring is carried out by several monitoring centres around the world.


 As one of the first and most experienced Demandware partners worldwide, Mobizcorp has a proven track of success within the world of ecommerce. With project references ranging from Burton, Crocs, Callaway Golf, Diane von Furstenberg to Reitmans and Zabars, Mobizcorp enabled brands worldwide to succeed in competitive markets.

Fully devoted to the on-demand philosophy, Mobizcorp delivers holistic and fully integrated ecommerce solutions for its partners and customers. To learn more about us and our solutions visit us at http://www.mobizcorp.com. 


Netbooster offers services of Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization involves improving the technical and semantic profile of a website in order to make it more search engine friendly. A well optimized site will reach higher positions within natural search results and will attract more users from search engines. 

Our Search Engine Optimization solutions are based on optimizing both the technical parameters and the content of your website. This tailored approach will increase your visibility within natural search results thus delivering more qualified traffic to your website resulting in improved ROI.


Within a few years, OVH became the most important web hosting company in France allowing companies to deploy web European and Global solutions. They have developed powerful WEB management tools, easy-to-use interfaces that can be easily used by outsourcing partners. 

To allow the web hosting service, OVH does propose the following main systems/technologies:

  • Web servers. OVH has about 650 machines that operate web requests. Each of them is a part of cluster for a single plan and operates as part of the web connections. Most of these machines allow management during high traffic peaks.
  • SQL servers. The amount of these needs to be sufficient and they must have enough RAM memory. Each SQL server is connected to two different routers configured in such a way that their functioning is undisturbed, even in case of a network breakdown.
  • File servers. Base of web hosting – base of OVH. OVH’s job is to store data. Websites are stored on servers that have either 16 1,5 or 10 RAID disks. A single disk may be damaged but the data stored on it will not disappear


The Synchrone content management system (eCMS) brings a user friendly and flexible environment to its clients enabling them to manage not only the contents of their Internet Website but also to work out rich e-mailing campaigns. 

Much more than one traditional content management system, eCMS deals with series of functionalities which optimise the indexing of the contents within search engines. 

In this way Synchrone’s clients benefit from the expertise in search engine optimisation. 

Synchrone puts at the disposal of its clients its “know-how” in terms of technical development, graphic design and ergonomic interfaces.


WebTrends Inc. dramatically improves web results for many of today’s largest companies and most innovative marketers. Our web analytics and marketing optimization solutions have set a gold standard for innovation, performance and value since we helped establish the analytics industry in 1993. 

WebTrends enables web-smart organizations to optimize their digital marketing programs – from visitor acquisition to customer retention. Our technologies and dedicated support staff help companies:

  • Measure and optimize online activities, from static and multimedia content to blogging.
  • Uncover the preferences over time of individual customers to improve segmentation and targeting.
  • Build profitable, long-lasting relationships with customers – online and offline.
  • Profitably acquire new customers through search marketing automation.

With WebTrends standards-based technology and dedicated support lets organizations extend the rich, visitor-centric data collected by their websites to business systems throughout the enterprise. Marketers, BI analytics and others can combine online and offline data to gain the one view of their customers and business – the integrated perspective that drives marketing and business success today.

Xsite E-Commerce Performance

Xsite defines e-commerce performance as the interaction of a powerful e-commerce platform with an experienced team of developers and consultants and a performance-driven business model. Xsite customers are typically retailers or manufacturers that require an integrated ecommerce platform for multiple B2C or B2B stores. 

Xsite offers a software-as-a-service platform for driving international online sales, backed by approved SLAs. Fifteen years of e-commerce expertise in 80 countries and over 20 languages constantly inspire the development of the Xsite e-commerce platform. 


Future-Oriented E-commerce Platform

The Xsite e-commerce platform is the bedrock of a successful online shop. The future-oriented platform is operated as a software-as-a-service solution. Successful companies need an e-commerce solution that will grow with them and can easily be adapted to all of their business processes. Xsite guarantees maximum availability, even in times of peak demand, as well as the highest level of flexibility and scalability. 

That is platform performance. 

Anything you could require from a modern e-commerce platform is met with comprehensive tools and integrated features from A like ad-server to Z like zoom. Xsite offer you the tools to grow online sales and convert traffic. The software-as-a-service solution creates the freedom and space for marketing, sales and other sales promotion activities. 

That is customer performance.